Cabaret Grey - Symptomatic Wave

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Symptomatic Wave is a compilation of the last 7 years, it shows us the evolution that goes from the gothwave, coldwave and post punk, this last genre which has catapulted the band as part of its definitive style, Cabaret Grey is not the common his native who has his own style called Zima Fala, CG is more with pure incluences of the North Atlantic.

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A.1 Grey Lights 03:34    
A.2 Sarah 04:45    
A.3 Stirring 03:37    
A.4 The Reason 04:35    
A.5 Cabaret Grey 01:32    
A.6 World of Glass 03:28    
B.1 Freaking Fingers 03:30    
B.2 Net 03:35    
B.3 Lightly 02:31    
B.4 Freezing Point 04:54    
B.5 Almost Frantic 05:31    
B.6 Empty 03:37